sinario (sinario) wrote in meijergossip,

posted on November 2, 2004, some of this stuff is/was almost true!

top 10 meijer rumors!!

10. club salinas has been shut down due to crabs??? dont believe that!!!, its shut down kuz of sobriety.

9. theres over 8 people gay in service dept, that havent came out.

8. matt livengood got stuck in the milk frigerator on his first day in grocery dept.

7. we are about to have a married team leader?

6. the service desk will have a name change. it will be known as the 'customer go away desk'

5. chuck corral was caught in the bathroom 'waking off' by ryan hollis.

4. all team members will be forced to wear red shirts, and have the name, 'target' stitched on the chest.

3. joe williams wants back into meijer, but he wants a $100,000 signing bonus.

2. meijer/jewel/stracks/sterks will all join a lottery pot. which people can be traded to different store and given up in free agency. the first trade set to be complete is...
natalie kobli, shawn barnes, joey mooore, and lauren garcia for 1 courtesy team member from sterks to be named later. (it is said hes is large and can push 100 carts at a time, hes cart rope measures one mile)

1. jim einright will become the service team's lines leader. every day, he will forget what his job is and everybody's name. at times, he will even forget his own fuckin' name.
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