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The Meijer Gossip Column

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  2006.08.25  02.47





  2006.06.17  11.54

there has been a trade!! Lauren E for Ricardo P!!...j/k


  2005.11.07  14.08
meijer fresh!!



  2005.10.10  03.38

so the rumour is true. i'm leaving service for photo as of next week!


  2005.10.10  03.01
posted on November 2, 2004, some of this stuff is/was almost true!

top 10 meijer rumors!!

10. club salinas has been shut down due to crabs??? dont believe that!!!, its shut down kuz of sobriety.

9. theres over 8 people gay in service dept, that havent came out.

8. matt livengood got stuck in the milk frigerator on his first day in grocery dept.

7. we are about to have a married team leader?

6. the service desk will have a name change. it will be known as the 'customer go away desk'

5. chuck corral was caught in the bathroom 'waking off' by ryan hollis.

4. all team members will be forced to wear red shirts, and have the name, 'target' stitched on the chest.

3. joe williams wants back into meijer, but he wants a $100,000 signing bonus.

2. meijer/jewel/stracks/sterks will all join a lottery pot. which people can be traded to different store and given up in free agency. the first trade set to be complete is...
natalie kobli, shawn barnes, joey mooore, and lauren garcia for 1 courtesy team member from sterks to be named later. (it is said hes is large and can push 100 carts at a time, hes cart rope measures one mile)

1. jim einright will become the service team's lines leader. every day, he will forget what his job is and everybody's name. at times, he will even forget his own fuckin' name.


  2005.08.19  01.43



Employee theft. At 4:17 p.m. at Meijer, 10138 Indianapolis Blvd. A cashier, Nicole Ladwig, 18, of 9437 Farmer Drive, Highland, is accused of selling a bottle of tequila to men for $1 and sliding a case of Red Bull into a bag without charging them. Police reports said the store plans to file charges.

nwitimes 8-18-05


  2005.07.07  03.00

Hey there everyone! This is Michelle...the one and only badunkadunk!!! I have a quick question....I moved out of my house and I can afford it and all, but I kind of want a 2nd job working nights maybe about 3-4 days a week. Do you guys think I should apply back at meijer???? Maybe a different department? I quit the right way...with my 2 weeks and all so I think I could get hired back. Let me know what you guys think. Should I do it?!!?!?!



  2005.03.27  16.07

so this week i was only given like.. 13 hours.
i understand alot of u wanna play or tryout for that softball crap.
so... maybe we can work something out, and i can take your shifts so u guys can go n try out.
i would try out, but im too good.
im so friggin good.. i might get picked to join the cubs.
tha friggin cubs!
lol.. ima idiot. get at me peeplez!!
ima finish my wine now... tata! nugggguh!!


  2005.03.24  08.36

meijer fresh

I was bored on u-scan


  2005.03.18  00.37

bill: I dunno though, I bet you look good in that uniform
me: hahah no
bill: I have a thing for the meijer uniform.lol
me: hahah really?
bill: they should make a calender


  2005.02.14  01.03
My Declaration...

I now declare this community...



  2005.01.17  10.53

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok OK!!

Me and The Birdman were talkin last night while watching Forrest Gump, and he came up with an idea. Basically he's going to start asking people at work what is their best memories, not memory, but memories from Meijer. Me and The Birdman alone can think up pages and pages due to working cash office, but what are your best memories? I want us few to think up of some good ones and just put them here. This community is basically dead, so let's do something to liven it up just a little.


  2005.01.11  22.37

Wassup everyone, it's been a nice minute since I posted up on this. I just thought I'd add in to the rest of the bitchin about how Carlos is runnin things right now. I mean there are some good things, at our gas station meeting, he says if we want him to get Sue, he guarantees he'll get her. So anyone that happens to know who our main third shift worker Sue is, she don't do shit for shit. And when someone says something about her to her face, which is always me cuz noone else has the balls to say it to her, she flips out and claims she's a great worker and gives every excuse her crack rock smokin self can come up with. But I'm thinkin Carlos is lettin Lines leader get to his little head. They're practically makin it a Nazi camp at the station now, wanting everything to be perfect. And then Steve Sanford and Melinda Klukas come in and say if they found out of dates or whatever it was like they did, Carlos, Linda, and everyone at the station will be fired. Either way, there is no reason to be crackin the whip like they do. Be easy! Noone wants to work and do good at it when someone's constantly up our ass about every little detail. And i'm tired of all the work being pushed onto second shift and then they expect us to get all of it done. But even with all of that, I'd still rather be there than back in the store. I really don't know how you all do it, so kudos to you really. I really really just can't stand meijer anymore, at all. I want to leave so bad, but now I have insurance with them and b/c of the baby, I'm not sure. But then again, I am double covered with my parents insurance too. Hormones are not, customers are extra ignorant when they come in and it's hard not to just up and slap them. Maybe it's just hormones.

Mood: anxious

  2005.01.02  12.28

Hope you all had a good beginning to a new year.


  2004.12.23  09.24


that's the sound we heard at 5:30 p.m. on the 22nd. We were running on backup for about 5 hours. I don't know what happened afterwards though.


  2004.12.19  23.36
She gone

As of today, Jamie has quit Meijer.

That is all


  2004.12.17  11.36

From dreamingwander posted in the meijerfresh community

Twas the night before Christmas... at Meijer

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the store
Not a cashier was at rest, they were all on the floor
the lanes were backed up as far as the lines could go
Just a chaotic mess, row after row

the customers were grouchy as they stood in line
"That was supposed to be a dollar, there was a sign!"
And trying to get a price check was a huge pain
Because all the department team members were running a lane

When over on lane 12 there arose such a clatter
The SC ran over to see what was the matter
12 bottles of pasta sauce had fallen with a loud crunch
Where is the service runner? He's gone on lunch

From the empty shelves in the grocery aisles
to the lines of customers that stretched for miles
when what to my wondering eyes should appear
But underaged kids attempting to buy beer

With the managers under stress until the very last day
We hoped a vacation they would soon take
More rapid than the customers who couldn't be tamed
The managers called the departments by name

"Now, Service! now, Grocery! now, Hardlines and Toys!
On, Womens! on Mens! on, Girls and on Boys!
Increase same store sales! to the top of the wall!
Now cut hours! cut hours! cut hours from all!"

"Don't turn the carousel, I'm trying to bag!"
"This rang up wrong! Just look at the tag!"
"This is an express lane - 12 items or less"
Another Christmas in the land of Meijer fresh

And over at Uscan I could hear the cashier nag:
"Sir! You have to put the item IN THE BAG"
Just when I thought things couldn't get worst,
I heard "You have to press END ORDER first!"

Nothing on the shelves, breaks 2 hours late
LP complaining cuz someone didn't shut the lane gate
Tired of the Christmas songs playing again and again
We are counting down till the season will end

And as 7:00 came by and it's time to close the store
the customers shouting "Let me get one thing more!"
We rush until they are all out of sight and we cheer
And finally we can be at peace, for one night of the year

Mood: amused

  2004.12.17  01.51
SLOWLY... Slowly... slowly... UNFOLDING.

man.. was today nuts or what??
so was yesterday!.. so has the past week (so i hear)
jeez... it really sucks at work with these cutbacks.
i got so pissed tonite tho... but why??

me and lashawn didnt leave till 11 or so. katie from photo even had to help.
then.. some lady wanted to fax shit.. blah blah. kuz sum 'FUCK MOOK' in service told her we could fax shit for her at 11PM!!! wuta idiot. i dont care if the fagit is reading this... you are a fagit whoever said that.

ive never been so excited to get off this SC shit. im tired of SC's, SD's, SDIC's, TL's, LL's... wutever.
id rather be a S.B. (service bitch) as a cashier, maybe even moving to GAS STATION????
im tired of stressin' for shit i seriously dont get paid enough to care about.
i never knew sc consisted of USCAN, GREETER, RUNNER, CURBSIDE, SERVICE DESK, and CASHIER. I thought those positions were filled?? am i mistaken??
im sure im gunna miss some attributes of the SC position.. ive had some fantastic times with rick, emily, santos, lauren, nick, jaymo. some memories i wouldnt trade for anything in the world!! shit has been real, but i've grown few up with alot. all these meijer ego's n shit.
remember... WE AINT SHIT!!

my fuse has grown dangerously short. although, it's not like a 'rick fuse'. mine is one that builds upon long time periods but when that shit goes off, expect faces and friendships to be broken.
its unfortunate, but when anger steps in, i get lost in it.
so, im gunna back out the picture before my actions become regretful... PLUS FUCK 2-10:30/11PM.
ima pee on the time clock one day... just watch!!! i dunno why... hahaha.. peaCe!!

Mood: cranky

  2004.12.14  23.36
I'm calling Pepsi on Monday

Yup...I've had enough with Meijer...

I'll still work there, only 3 days instead of 5. I need 24 hours to still be considered full time. So I'm going to call Pepsi back and see if they got anything open and try to work things out so I can have a full schedule there.

Mood: annoyed

  2004.12.14  12.05

so i said i was going to update on here and here we go 2 things

1-today is marilyn's last day..she's moving to arizona..hopefull linda will get the team leader position..i'm getting ready to go to say good by to her in a bit....i'm sad...

2-kalyn nelson just told me that Adam Klobacar is gay..yes adam that i liked for awhile and that treated me like pooh..rumor has it he told hollis and hollis told her...makes sense..cuz i mean what guy wouldn't want me rite?! hah yeah rite..anyway..i had some good gossip there...what i want to knwo is why couldn't he tell me in the beginning rather than dragging me along for however long i liked him? it would have made things a whole lot easier...

Mood: amused

  2004.12.14  00.56

Is anybody in here? Did we all die? Are we not posting here anymore? What's goin on?



  2004.12.07  10.53




Mood: accomplished

  2004.12.06  18.54
fuck the hugs

im out for blood on u niggaz.
just wait till saturday.
just wait.


  2004.12.06  02.27
This Is Business.

Fuck Every SC.
This is Business.


  2004.12.03  09.09

does anyone else hate the new promts on the lanes? BOB and LOL


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